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DYSPL4Y is the completely new and enhanced version of the project "Display"!



The DISPL4Y kit joins a substantial access to digital technology with an introduction to programming. The small, aesthetic hardware is a source of motivation, as it is clear and comprehensible. A discussion of the historic background of digital culture and the development of display technology accompany the practical part. The creation of a collective wall-installation – while first experiences with sophisticated behavioural programming are made – is the aim of the DISPL4Y workshop.

Displ4y as open source platform for software art



Projects realized with DISPL4Y hard- and software.

Grid projects

Single module projects

  • coming soon

Hardware concept

DISPL4Y20 000.jpg

The concept of the DISPL4Y project rests on an Open- Source platform. The concept allows the installation of digital content onto a wall, just like conventional media; e.g. painting and photography. The long-life strong LEDs have proven reliable even in very bright circumstances, such as foyers made of glass. Furthermore, they have a lifetime of thirty years. The size of the wall installation is scalable, as a given number of modules can join the network. The displays may be programmed in such a way as to only require electricity and run autonomously apart from that. Every display features ports so they may be connected to a computer, the Internet, or sensors. The integrated battery- holding device enables mobile application.

Hardware downloads

Displ4y circuit board.jpg

The DISPL4Y project can be used under the conditions of the following license.
CC-BY-SA-4.0 Olaf Val 2017

Circuit diagram:

Circuit Board:

Getting Started

  1. Connect your module with a 12V power supply - Instruction
  2. Download and install the Arduino programming environment
    1. DISPL4Y is only compatible to version: Arduino_0017 - LINK
  3. Install the FTDI driver for the USB connection.
  4. Download and Install the DISPL4Y-Arduino-Library
    1. Download and unzip Arduino Library
    2. Copy this folder into your Documents / Arduino folder (If the libraries folder already exists, copy the "display" library folder in there.)
  5. Connect your computer via MigProg with the DISPL4Y module.
  6. Select the Board (Tools / Board / Arduino ATmega328)
  7. Select the Serial Port (Tools / Serial Port / usbserial)
  8. Open the DISPL4Y Examples and start coding!
  9. Further instructions regarding the DISPL4Y project: DISPL4Y Instructions beta


Substantial access to digital technology
The most prominent feature of the DISPL4Y workshop is: Reduction. The dot- matrix of five times seven is the smallest universal entity. It can represent every character print can. Only a few construction parts are necessary to activate the dots of the display. During soldering participants become acquainted with the key elements that form the basis of all digital devices. Thus first thresholds to understand everyday technical devices are overcome.

Further information about the workshop: DISPL4Y Workshop