DISPL4Y Workshop

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1 Day
Morning 9 am until 1 pm
Introduction to the technical and cultural development of displays, getting to know the construction components, assembly of the display hardware.

Afternoon 2pm until 5 pm
Introduction to programming
Upload a test programme, first exercise; setting a dot and moving it.

2. Day
Morning 9 am until 1 pm
Programming within a network
Foundations of digital communication, we let two displays “talk to each other”

Afternoon 2pm until 5pm
Individual programming and adaptation to the behaviour within the network
Short lecture featuring impressions from art, design, and information technology regarding generative processes and cellular machines. Design of the wall- installation.

Conceptual content[edit]


Tit for tat
At the beginning of the workshop the group agrees upon what the modules communicate to each other. For example: A kind of virtual currency that is traded, dots and signs may be exchanged with each other, certain rules may have to be obliged. These thoughts can mature while the hardware is assembled. During the next step every participant programmes the specific behaviour of his or her module. The abstract technique of the small computer circuits comes to life through the network- community. Everybody observes the behaviour of his or her module and may change the programming to provide an interesting collective visual installation. The modules communicate in all four directions to their neighbours, thus basic structures of giving and taking play an important part. Information technology knows such systems as agent-architectures, cellular machines, and the “Game of Life” of the mathematician John Conway.

Workshop resources[edit]