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Platforms for software art

The dissemination of digital media- such as computers and mobile phones- brought into being a multitude of new possibilities of creative design. However, in principle merely the processes of production behind the classical media such as print, photography, or film have revolutionised. The so-called “new media”: CD-Rom, Internet, and Software- Art, find it hard to leave the framework of the computer. Their presence in real space and thus their possibilities of application and usage remain limited.

Developments such as the iPhone- Apps- Store show how new hardware platforms in combination with open development structures may supersede these limitations. Via the iPhone-Apps-Store software art, design, and creative services are sold and used in many circumstances far off the desktop computer. A great deficiency is the Apple-Monopoly; earning a share at every trade. An example of Open- Source projects in this area is the Blinkenlights-projects of the CCC. By use of giant displays in the centre of major cities such as Berlin, Paris, or Vancouver it reached a very large audience. Other artists have used their code, for example, the E-Toy Collective for their “Mission Eternity” project. Further projects include the “Peggy Display” by Evil-Mad-Science available as a construction set that can visualise up to 25 x 25 RGB-LEDs, the Open-Moko-Mobile-Phone founded by Sean Moss-Pultz, or the Game of Life Board by Make-Zine.