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All Mignon microcontroller kits are equipped with the same 5 pin expansion port.

How to connect

There are many ways to connect your computer with the MigProg port. The easiest way is to use the MigProg adapter. But a Ardino board and many other devices can be used as the adapter.


How to use an Arduino as USB to Serial adapter

How to read the incomming Data

The Arduino software includes a serial monitor. One can work with this very comfortably. You can find the Serial Monitor under "Tools".

How to read with processing (p5)

Principle it is very easy to read the data from the serial port with Procssing. Here are the instructions for the serial library. Unfortunately the different data types byte, character and string are making the whole thing more complex.

The following example "Serial Monitor" shows how this is the easiest.

P5 Serial Monitor.png

Download the processing code SerialMonitor.pde